Our Story

We are twin sisters with over two decades of combined experience in the dynamic world of fashion, consistently pushing the boundaries of style and creativity. With a shared passion for aesthetics and a keen eye for emerging trends, we've honed our craft through diverse roles in the industry, from design and production to marketing and retail.

Now, as we embark on an exciting new chapter, we are harnessing our collective expertise to launch our own company, grace 'n' wild.

We've crafted the ultimate all-in-one shopping experience to capture those unforgettable moments of a new baby. Every element of this basket was carefully designed with our passion for storytelling through art and color. Within these narratives, we weave images, and within these images, we forge lasting memories. While pictures may convey a thousand words, our memories are truly priceless!

Our meticulously curated gift basket is the ideal choice for baby shower presents, newborn birth announcements, gender reveal surprises, baby or pet birthday celebrations, newborn baby arrivals, and much more!